Nutrition, sports psychology and climbing were on the timetable during an Erewash School Sport Partnership session for gifted and talented youngsters.

Forty-six pupils from primary schools across the borough attended the University of Derby for the special event.

Schools taking part included Chaucer Junior, Longmoor Primary, Sawley Junior, Firfield, Stanley St Andrew’s, Granby, Shardlow, Brookalnds, Ashbrook Junior, St Laurence and Cloudside.

Pupils who show particular ability in sport are part of ESSP’s gifted and talented scheme, with the aim of helping them to improve their own performance and learn more about the mechanics behind sporting success.

At the university pupils tackled the climbing wall and learnt about healthy eating and the role food plays in sports performance.

They also enjoyed a sports psychology session during which they heard how concentration was vital and took part in activities designed to test their levels of concentration.

Rhian Lilley, Erewash School Sport Partnership development manager, said: “Everybody has had a fantastic time trying out the amazing sports facilities at the University of Derby.

“As well as the climbing wall, nutrition and psychology sessions they were also given a tour of the sports courts which were set up for a national badminton match later that day.

“There was a fun zone too where they could practice their badminton skills. We hope that they picked up some tips to improve their own performance and it was good for them to look at the mental aspect of sporting success as well as the physical side.”

Dr Tom Outram, lecturer in biomechanics at the University of Derby, said: “In the nutrition session they looked at the main food groups such as carbohydrates, protein and fats and learnt about healthy eating and the importance of a colourful plate. The psychology session focused on concentration and what an important role that plays in sport.”

Natasha East, teacher and PE leader at Brooklands Primary, said: “This was just a great session in terms of aspiration and showing them what they can do if they come to university and do a sports degree. We looked at mental wellbeing, about being fit and training the mind and we thought about the attributes that a sports professional might have. It’s been really good.”

Lewis Brown, 11, is a pupil at Chaucer Junior School. He said: “It’s been really interesting and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of new things. It’s been educational and enjoyable.”

Pictured: Pupils from Stanley St Andrrew School

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