Not long ago we reported on vandalism at Stanton Ilkeston FC’s new ground which is being developed at the back of the bowling alley.
Someone obviously doesn’t want it go ahead and is going to great lengths to intimidate those working on the project which will see a two-storey pavilion for community use and changing rooms built on the site.
Today we received this shocking report from Rob Kirk, chairman of the club:
“An extremely alarming incident took place yesterday, whilst our Senior Reserve team were actually playing a match.
“Someone decided to attach a bike lock to the barrier on the public footpath at the entrance to our home ground (photo attached ).
“This could have been catastrophic if an emergency vehicle would have needed to gain access.
“If an ambulance had been required they would not have been able to get to the scene of the emergency.
“Worst case scenario, someone could have been accused of manslaughter. Health and Safety is a hot topic nowadays. The culprit needs finding and punishing!
“Sorry to sound harsh but this pettiness has gone on far too long and is now becoming a serious matter when people’s lives could have been put at risk.
“This, along with at least another dozen separate criminal damage incidents, is costing the club money and valuable time to put right.
“My thoughts are three separate CCTV cameras to be installed and a privacy panel to be fitted to the personnel access gate that is situated towards the ten pin bowling alley end of our home ground. Any advice, help or support you can give will be gratefully received.”

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