To mark the seventh annual Trustees’ Week, local MP Maggie Throup is celebrating the important contribution that charity trustees make to their communities and thanking the 1149 trustees in Erewash for their hard work over the past year.

Trustees Week highlights the important work that charity trustees do all year round and raises awareness of how people can gain valuable experience and skills through volunteering as a charity trustee.

Maggie Throup, MP for Erewash, said:

“The charities in Erewash wouldn’t be able to make a difference without the important contribution of charity trustees. With so many great local charities doing important work, I want to mark the national Trustees’ Week by thanking the 1149 local charity trustees for their tireless dedication to the civic life of Erewash.

“I would like to encourage anyone thinking of becoming a trustee to use Trustees’ Week to find out more about the role and the various ways they can get involved. Trusteeship brings excellent opportunities including meeting new people, developing new skills, and applying existing expertise to new, real-life challenges.”

William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission, said:

“We know the work of trustees is crucial to the success of their charities, and they often bear a considerable load. However, this Trustees Week we want to encourage trustees to keep doing excellent work – and remind them that despite the recent increase in focus, the legal burden hasn’t changed.

“We see great stewardship in our engagement with charities, often by trustees facing difficult and complex situations. Some of the best decision-making we have seen has been a product of having diversity on boards, meaning trustees can challenge each other and offer conflicting perspectives to ultimately achieve the best outcome for their charity.”

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