A family-run bakery is to bring back a traditional Derbyshire cake, which is no longer in circulation, for a limited time only.

Stacey’s, which has a bakery and shops in Ilkeston, Heanor and Eastwood, will launch Thor cake in its shops from 4th November to coincide with Bonfire Night.

Thor cake is made with oatmeal, ginger and black treacle and was traditionally baked in Derbyshire communities on November 5 when everyone would club together, each bringing separate ingredients. They would then feast as a community.

Thor was a well-known Viking, and with the Saxons and Vikings making Derby one of the five boroughs of Danelaw historically, many locals believe that Ilkeston was touched by these influences.

The Viking name Djúra-bý, recorded in Old English as Deoraby, literally means “Village of the Deer”. It is widely thought that the name Derby is derived from the Danish words deor by meaning deer settlement, perhaps one reason why Ilkeston Rugby Club uses the Elk as its emblem.

Stacey’s customers are in for even more of a treat if they go into the South Street shop on the day of the launch as director, David Stacey, will be getting into character for the occasion, dressing as Thor.

He will also be delivering the cake to the other three shops, meaning customers in Heanor and Eastwood will get a chance to see him as Thor.

David said: “We thought it would be a good idea to re-ignite a traditional Derbyshire recipe, and with Bonfire Night coming up Thor cake seemed an ideal option. It is something that I’m sure our customers will look forward to getting their teeth into.”

The Thor cake will be sold at Stacey’s Bakery from November 4 until the end of the month. Stacey’s, which is open from 8am until 5pm, has a bakery and shop on South Street in Ilkeston and a shop on Bath Street. It also has shops on Market Street in Heanor and Nottingham Road in Eastwood. Stacey’s hand-make a wide range of delicious breads, sandwiches, cakes and pastries.

More information can be found at staceys-bakery.co.uk

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