The Rotary Club of Ilkeston responded to a visit by Linda Jenkins, a member and Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Long Eaton Dawnbreakers who came to bring a hard-hitting message to Ilkeston Club members. Her subject was ’The Acorn Project’ which is overseen by the Arena Church.

Linda revealed that in the Ilkeston area, there were a significant number of children aged between 4 & 11 years who needed support in their daily lives. She went on to say that the group of children, discreetly chosen following discussions with schools, need guidance and help in finding the more healthy food which promotes growth and stamina, derived from the more varied type of vitamins which they had not been getting. Commonly known as ‘junk’ food, the children were not developing as they should, and The Acorn Project ensures they all have a very healthy diet.

Pictured is Linda receiving a cheque for £500.00 from the Immediate Past President of Ilkeston Rotary Club, Chris Smith (left), overseen by the current President of Ilkeston, Kevin Smith.Advertise here

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