It was a case of A for amazing for pupils at St John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy in this year’s GCSEs – with one student amassing a perfect 10 A* grades.

The school in Abbot Road, Kirk Hallam achieved a higher number of A* and A grades in this year’s results.

Among the star performers was 16-year-old Laura Sellers who achieved 10 A* grades in Art, Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Maths, Product Design, History, Physics and RE.

She said: “I’m a bit overwhelmed with how good my results were. I knew I’d worked hard but wasn’t expecting all A* grades but I’m very happy.

“It was really stressful revising for all the different subjects and then having to do all the exams close together.

“I’d not really thought about the results much since my last exam at the end of June and then the day arrives. In many ways it’s a relief that it’s all over.

“I’ll be sorry to be leaving St John. I’ve really enjoyed it here and it’s such a unique place.”

Tom Flynn received five A* in Chemistry, French, Geography, Maths and RE, four A grades in Biology, English Language, English Literature and Physics and a B in Computing.

He said: “I wasn’t expecting such good results so I’m incredibly pleased. I came out of every exam pouring over the questions in my head afterwards and then once the exams are over I managed to forget about it all for a bit.

“But for the last week I’ve just been a mix of worried, excited and nervous.”

Isabella Lee got four A* grades in Art, Chemistry, Geography and RE and six A grades in Biology, English Language, English Literature, Maths, RE and Physics.

She said: “I’m really surprised at my results. I actually expected more Bs than anything else. But I know that I worked really hard during the two years. It all comes around so suddenly.

“I’m looking forward now to doing my A-levels at college and hope to go on to do midwifery at university.”
Sophie Ingall achieved A* grades in English Language, English Literature and Geography, A grades in Chemistry, Physics and Product Design and B grades in Biology, French, Maths and RE.

She said: “I worked really hard and was hoping for some A*s but didn’t actually think I’d get any so I’m really happy with what I achieved. I’ve been revising solidly for the past three to six months and hardly been out at all.

“I was nervous for today and happy to go on and start my A-levels at college.”

Headteacher Joan McCarthy said: “We’re delighted at the excellent results our students have achieved and I’d like to congratulate them all. I’d also like to thank their families for the support they have given their children during what is a stressful time.

“We have seen a slight drop from last year in overall results but we’re really pleased with the amount of A* and A grades students have achieved.

“This is the end of the journey with us for them as we don’t have a sixth form and there are many schools and colleges out there who will be welcoming some outstanding students.”

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