Jordan Clark and James Robinson, both 15, went back to Chaucer Junior School to help make planters out of wood for strawberries in the school’s garden.

Kelsey Johnson, Head of Technology at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, accompanied Jordan and James and said they were a credit to the school.

She said: “We had a fantastic afternoon at Chaucer Junior School.

“Jordan and James were both absolute stars and I was really proud of how they conducted themselves and both were a real credit to our school.”

Mrs Johnson said that the visit came about after Chaucer worked with OIEA during intensive learning week.

She said: “We worked together on our garden during intensive learning week and we talked about how we could reciprocate.

“James and Jordan were both really keen to go back and it was a great opportunity for us to forge a good relationship with a local school.

“Both boys talked to Chaucer pupils about what life is like at school so hopefully that will help with transition too. It was lovely for teachers at Chaucer to see what they have become.

“They also made an engraved wooden plaque in technology lessons which we fixed to the front of the planters.”

Jordan said: “It was really nice to go back to our old primary school and see all of the teachers. We enjoyed helping out.”

Kerry Wheatley, leader of the gardening club at Chaucer Junior School, said it was great to welcome Jordan and James back.

She said: “We had a really great afternoon with students from Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy.

“It was lovely of them to come and help us build our planters for our school garden.

“I also think it’s wonderful for the two schools to link together too, and past pupils getting the chance to visit again was really nice.”

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