The Ilkeston Inquisition Warhammer Club started life as a once-a-month meet up during the week at the wonderful and atmospheric Cafe Bistro until members were approached by Jake from the Blue Moon Gaming Club, who suggested a joint venue at the Welcome Hall. A move was to both groups’ benefit, as players from both groups have an interest in both hobbies and together both clubs have been slowly going from strength to strength.

The Ilkeston Inquisition runs fortnightly and is open to both newcomers to the hobby and seasoned veterans, or players who have returned to the game after a break. Organisers aim to offer players a relaxed non-tournament gaming environment with the emphasis being on enjoyment.

Alan Webb told us: “We try to provide scenery to enrich the game, a lot which has been built by hand but if any players wish to bring their own it is always appreciated. It’s a great place to try out your armies, lists and new models.”

Refreshments are available to buy or participants can bring their own. Anyone interested in becoming a member or wishing to have a look first is asked to make contact through the Ilkeston Inquisition Facebook page.

Picture taken by John Shelton on a recent visit to the Welcome Hall.

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