Students at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy have finished the year on a high after being rewarded for excellent attendance.

A range of prizes was on offer to the form group within each year which achieved the highest attendance percentage.

These included swimming, bowling, pizza, tea and cakes and being able to watch a DVD in their classroom.
Jordan Daubney, 15, said he thought the rewards were a great idea.

He said: “I think it does encourage everyone because we are all quite competitive and want to win the rewards. Our form had the best attendance in Year 10 and we watched a DVD in the classroom at the end of the day and had pizza. I think our attendance figure was around 98 per cent.”

James Wheatley, 13, is in Year 8 and his form group won a prize.

He said: “We went on a bowling trip and watched a DVD. There were two prizes because we came out on top for the whole year. I think the rewards are a good idea and they do help to encourage everyone.”

Jo Watkinson, Assistant Principal Inclusion at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, said she thought the rewards system had been a great success.

She said: “Students have enjoyed the competitive element of our form attendance league and have appreciated the rewards they have received. A number of students have seen their individual attendance improve significantly as a result. We believe this will make a real difference to their academic progress.”

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