Ilkeston Town Centre

Residents can find out more about Ilkeston Railway Station and Erewash Borough Council’s key priorities over the next four years at this month’s Ilkeston and North Community Forum on Thursday 28 January.

The Forum will be held at Gladstone Lodge on Market Street, Ilkeston, and will begin at 7pm, with all residents welcome.

Residents will be able to listen to presentations on three topics – Ilkeston Railway Station, what the council’s budget is for 2016/17 to deliver its services and its key priorities within its Corporate Plan for taking the borough forward over the next four years.

Councillor Carol Hart, Erewash Borough Council’s Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Community Engagement, says:

“This will be an information-packed forum, giving residents a chance to find out more about things that will have an impact on them. The Railway Station is a major project for Ilkeston that we know will be of interest to many people.

“These are challenging times, so this forum is also a great platform for us to outline how we will work with our budget over the next financial year as well as present our Corporate Plan. This is a very important document – it is effectively our bible and sets down how we will work over the next four years across all areas.

“Our forums are very informal and welcoming so please join us for what will be a very informative get together, with plenty of opportunities for questions.”

Council officers carrying out the presentations will be Steve Birkinshaw, Head of Planning and Regeneration, on the Railway Station; Ian Sankey, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Resources, on the budget; and Lorraine Poyser, Director of Communities, and Rachel Fernandez, Performance and Community Manager, on the Corporate Plan.

Anyone wanting more information can contact the council’s Community Engagement Officer Colin Handley. Email [email protected] or call 0115 907 2244.

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