This morning’s church parade service for uniformed organisations at Kirk Hallam was unusual in that it was led by members of The Christian Motorcyclists Association.

Members of the group visit churches, motorcycle rallies and other biking events to share their faith.

East Midlands branch chairman Colin Wood, who led the Kirk Hallam service, swapped articles of clothing with a Cub Scout to demonstrate that just because the boy was wearing a leather jacket it didn’t make him a motorbiker any more than him wearing a neckerchief and woggle didn’t make him a Cub Scout. “We are what we are inside,” he said. “God sees beyond our outward appearance, he sees our hearts.”

The church was full with children and parents, who were invited to stay for sausage rolls and cakes after the service. The ‘Biker Bible’ was also on offer to anyone who wanted one.

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