Former Ilkeston schoolteacher/headmaster and dialect expert Jim Sumner has written a story for the upcoming newspaper: ‘Asta ever ‘ad thi fingers in a mersetrap?

It begins:

Fost class ar took on me own warat Granby Junior Scowl. A worner a qualified taycher cos a wa weetin’ to goo to Taycher Trainin’ College but Derbyshire gen may a job as an unqualified taycher an’ thi paid me a small amernt to dow this. It suited both on us – ar wa lonnin’ mi job in th’ classroom an’ it gen me a good insight into what to dow. Thi put me wi an experienced taycher an’ the idea wor that ay’d show may er to goo on. Burrit it didner quite goo ‘ow I expected it tow….

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