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       November 2021        Written by the community for the community

       Where people tell their stories      No. 75       50p where sold
       Cheering our readers in Ilkeston and surrounding districts
       Thousands enjoy the

       fun of Ilkeston Fair

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        lkeston Charter Fair was cancelled last   delighted to see so many people joining
       Iyear because of Covid, but it was back   us,” she said.  “It’s a magnificent event   Mum, you’re
       last month with big crowds visiting the   attracting thousands of people who love the
       attractions each night.               atmosphere and the rides and the stalls.  We   half-way!
       The sights, sounds and smells of the fair   worked hard with our partners to make it
       draw people from a wide area, and it seemed  happen.  The decision to go ahead was not   Matilda encourages
       even more so this year following the second   taken lightly because Covid is still around   her mum during the
       cancellation of Nottingham’s Goose Fair.  but with the safety measures we put in place
       Erewash Mayor Cllr Donna Briggs declared   we think it was the right decision.”   2021 London Mara-
       the event open after the traditional reading   James Mellors, from the Showmen’s Guild,   thon last month.
       of the Charter granted in 1252.       said llkeston’s fair was ‘very important to   See My amazing
       Erewash Council Leader Carol Hart gave a   the showmen and also to the community’.  London Marathon
       warm welcome back to event organisers the   “Ilkeston Fair is special because it’s on the   experience by Clover
       Showmen’s Guild.                      streets and that gives it a unique atmos-  Attewell on Page 15
       “We had blue skies and sunshine and I was   phere.”

       Welcome to the fun zone.  Clockwise from top left: Erewash Mayor Cllr Donna Briggs tries
       out the Cakewalk;  Council Leader Carol Hart on the Galloping Horses ride;  the ever-popular
       Dodgems;  visiting Mayor of Derby Cllr Robin Wood takes an interest in the stalls on Bath
       Street.   Photos: Kerry Wheatley   See also big picture on Page 21.
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