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PITCH PERFECT: Robins unveil their
                                                                         50p              new all-weather playing surface

       August 2021            Written by the community for the community

       Where people tell their stories      No. 72       50p where sold
       Cheering our readers in Ilkeston and surrounding districts
        Family in                                     “We believe every

                                                      single one of the
        cemetery                                      headstones needs             Supporters of Ilkeston Town Football Club were given a chance to see their team’s new 4G pitch at

                                                      to be standing tall
                                                                                   TownFest, a special event held on 31st July when two matches were played: Legends v Fans and 1st
                                                                                   team v Long Eaton Utd.  The Robins new season fixture list can be found on the back page.
                                                      and proud, not
         clean-up                                     covered in weeds,            the future by the council so they don’t get in   Council’s Lead Member for Community
                                                                                                                         Engagement commented:
                                                                                   such a state again.
                                                      ivy and brambles.”
                                                                                                                         “We are always grateful for the support of
                                                                                   “We still have lots to do and are doing it
                                                                                   in our spare time as we both work.  So far
                                                                                                                         spirit. Our teams receive a lot of thanks for
                                                                                   we have done around six hours. We have   local residents and applaud their community
                                                                                   uncovered some beautiful headstones that I   the work they put in to maintain sites across
          couple and their two children have                                       don’t think anybody even knew were there.     the whole borough and the assistance of
      A tackled the overgrown border of                                            It’s such a shame.  The rest of the cemetery   residents who help put the pride in Erewash
      Stanton Road Cemetery.                                                       is well maintained apart from around the   is much appreciated.
      James and Lauren Amber and Lily-May (14)                                     border behind the trees.  Almost like out of   “This is very much the case here and we
      and Luke (12) have toiled in the heat to clear                               sight out of mind.   But we believe every   regularly work with the Friends of Stanton
      ivy and brambles from the burial ground                                      single one of the headstones in the cemetery   Road Cemetery to maintain this historic
      where celebrated Ilkeston giant Samuel                                       needs to be standing tall and proud, not   site. We thank those involved in doing this
      Taylor is laid to rest.                                                      covered in weed, ivy and brambles.”   clearance work and we will ensure cuttings
      Pictures of their progress on Facebook have                                  Councillor Val Clare, Erewash Borough   are collected.”
      brought plaudits from followers.
      Lauren told us: “My husband has just spent
      three hours clearing ivy, brambles and bush-
      es uncovering six grave stones that couldn’t
      be seen.  One of the stones has fallen over
      and needs lifting back up as well as many
      others that have been damaged due to the
      ivy and brambles running wild.         at the bottom of our garden is now being
      “James will finish removing the rest when   affected, which is causing us some concern.
      the council has taken away what we’ve   We’re just hoping it won’t fall.”
      cleared.  We understand that they are very   The Ambers have appealed for others to
      busy but when we asked, they replied   come and help them and for donations of
      they couldn’t get the mower round so they   grass seed; also that “once we are on top of
      haven’t bothered for many years.  The wall   the overgrown areas they are maintained in
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